RE/MAX Concepts

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The Early Years

As a young Realtor in the late 1960s and early '70s, Dave Liniger looked around with discontent, unsatisfied with the state of the real estate industry. Agents worked hard to make sales, only to see their commissions building their broker's business, not their own. The brokerage's rules, regulations and bureaucracy tied them down. Agents were the experts in their markets, but worked in environments that stifled creative and entrepreneurial freedom.

Dave believed there was a better way to conduct real estate.

In 1973, accompanied by friend and colleague Gail Main (who later became Gail Liniger), he set forth to revolutionize the industry. In Denver, Colo., RE/MAX was born.

Dave decided on the name as a shortened version of "Real Estate Maximums" and, inspired by his time in the U.S. Air Force, established the brand's red, white and blue color scheme. Through RE/MAX, the Linigers offered real estate professionals maximum compensation, advanced support services and the freedom to succeed.